Thursday, February 12, 2009

Disaster Recovery. Help me understand

Begin Rant

OK I deal with a lot of customers and am amazed by what I see that they call DR!!!

Is it me? Am I crazy? What is the purpose of a DR Plan?

According to

Disaster recovery is the process by which you resume business after a disruptive event.
Best practices disaster recovery planning involves routine off-site backup and processes for reactivating vital information systems in a new location. Through this approach, an organization can recover information systems quickly after a catastrophe, such as a fire, earthquake or terrorist attacks.

OK So is this how you view DR?

In my opinion, adding to the above generic definition, the recovery should be automated whenever possible (Domino Clustering with failover for example).

If not automated, the fail over should be the least obtrusive as possible.

OK Rant is over

So what do YOU do for DR? What do you like? What would you change?


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  1. SMB don't do DRP or BC, they just back up data to an external hard drive, if that.
    Larger corps have big backups which cost a lot and rarely use them or test them.
    Most do not do colocation because of cost9smb) and the big boys do all types of crazy stuff and keep it offline until needed.
    The Lotus Foundations software is there to help smb's and our box is built for portability of the server, not just your data.
    for more see