Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Great resource for Developers and Administrators alike

Many times I run into people who are looking for good practices on setting up their Domino environment, and how to setup and document their application lifecycle.

Well my employer Teamstudio has created a Lotus Domino/Notes set of policy guides to assist with this.

They are product/vendor neutral and are freely downloadable here.

They cover Requirements, Design, Development, Testing, and Production.

Requirements phase:
* Request Management (REQ 10)
* Requirements Gathering (REQ 20)
* Requirements Alignment (REQ 30)
* Requirements Prioritization (REQ 40)

Design phase:
* Design Specification (DES 10)
* Test Planning (DES 20)
* Design Authorization (DES 30)
* Design Implementation (DES 40)

Development phase:
* Coding Practices (DEV 10)
* Source Code Management (DEV 20)
* Version Management (DEV 30)
* Unit Testing (DEV 40)

Test phase:
* Application Testing (TES 10)
* User Acceptance Testing (TES 20)

Production phase:
* Application Delivery (PRO 10)
* Security Management (PRO 20)
* User Management (PRO 30)
* Application Management and Monitoring (PRO 40)
* Data Management (PRO 50)
* Agent Management (PRO 60)
* Infrastructure Management (PRO 70)
* Domino Upgrades (PRO 80)

Look them over and get them. You will not be sorry.


  1. John:

    Just as an FYI, the download for "Design Implementation (DES 40)" is missing.

    Would you let the person responsible know?



  2. @Dan Thanks for the heads up.

    The link is in error, there is no DES 40 what is there is the implementation guide for the Design policies. It is being corrected. Thanks