Monday, June 29, 2009

My favorite cool tools

After 20+ years of application development, and systems administration. I have come you really like a few tools. (This list is NOT influenced by the fact I work for Teamstudio)
Here are my favorites in no particular order

Teamstudio, CIAO, Analyzer, Delta, Design Manger, and Snapper cool development tools.
Notespeek A window into the internals of you notes applications
Antrid change or reset the repid on a note application
MWsnap freeware screen capture tool
Deskpins A cool freeware tool that I first heard about from Andrew Pollack that allows you to keep a window on top of all others. Great for copy and paste type tasks
MS Visio I use this for creating notes Network Diagrams using my custom Visio stencils
Notrix The coolest data integrator for notes. My main reason is that you can use the windows scheduler to schedule jobs, and not have to rely on Domino to do it,
Dropbox synchronizing files between computers as well as hosting the files for this blog.
There are many more that come to mind but these I use or rely on the most.

What do you use and/or like?


  1. Hello, try to switch from Notespeek to Ytria's scanEZ. Even the free version is far more better. HTH.

  2. NoteMan Toolbar is another good alternative to NotesPeek and ScanEZ. NoteMan works on Linux and Mac natively, in addition to Windows. More than just "peeking", or reading, data, you can modify any data in just a few clicks with the paid versions of ScanEZ ($700 I believe) and NoteMan ($200). They also do a whole bunch of other useful shortcuts.

  3. NotePad++ is a great free text editor.
    The Wonderful Icon is a terrific collection of utilities (always on top, bounce window left - really great when you undock and your app thinks it is still on the other monitor, and lots more). I'm also using SnagIT! for screen capture, Wink for training and most definitely NoteMan!

  4. @Jamie I had an eval you gave me at Lotusphere about 5 years ago or so. It was a cool tool, but I could not get funding to purchase so I never realized the full potential.

    @Vaclav I have heard that about the ytria tool

    @Les. Thanks for the info. I am checking out the wonderful icon now, seems really cool