Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Are we seeing the beginnings of the Machine crusade?

For those of you who have read Frank Hebert's Dune series of books you will know about this.

For those of you who have not, Click here for a brief overview.

The Machine crusade is where thinking machines(Robot servants, Etc) take over the known universe and enslave all sentient life forms

The leader of these machines is Omnius, also known as the Evermind. It links all the thinking machines together and leads them from multiple instances of itself.

Thinking machines? Machines that can make decisions on their own. Hmm evidence based decisions?

So at the closing session at #Ls11 We saw IBM Watson take on 4 Lotusphere attendees, an effectively kick their butts. Liz Novak Was by far the best human contestant and gave Watson a run for his money. (Click here to learn about Watson). Watson made some amazing answers, and a few funny ones(The Beatles reference. I was completely impressed)

So we do not have the number of robot servants that were in the Machine Crusade.
nor can they make decisions for themselves, but this makes me think, Could Watson be the ancestor to the Evermind?

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