Monday, July 25, 2011

Strange uiworkspace.prompt behavior

Has anyone seen this before? I was testing an agent in DDE 8.5.2 and got strange results from my prompt.

If I use the run option on the agent in DDE the return value is "","","".

If I run the same code from the db in the notes client 8.5.2 I get the expected results, "Servername"."DB","Title"

I tested this in a few different databases and got the same results.

There goes 3 hours i can never get back!!!


  1. Try to do a multi select and then take a look at the results.
    You will have a single "servername", all of your selected databases and the last selected databases title.

  2. Haven't seen this before but I have seen other inconsistencies between designer and client:

    I find it's best to work around these things or you can waste hours trying to determine why it doesn't work as designed.