Thursday, January 5, 2012

Another Year another Sphere…

 Saturday The 14th I land in Orlando bright and early, 9:15AM.  I am looking forward to another great Lotusphere. I again make my pledge to meet at least 15 new people this year, as I have in the past. I always seem to exceed it without trying very hard.

Another year of working t he showcase floor. I will be at Teamstudio, Inc. booths 218 and 219.
Come by and say hello. We have some really cool stuff going on (can’t say more until the show!).

This year has the most sessions I have wanted to see since 1999. No way to see them all.
Any recommendations from the speakers out there?  Why is your session special?

What about the parties?  Where the cool parties this year? I have a few invites, but I know there are more out there.

Looking forward to warmers days, friends of old and new, and learning a lot about the future.

Hopefully I will see you there

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