Friday, January 18, 2013

IBM Connect 2013 out with the old in with the new. (Sort of)

So in 8 days I will be in Orlando eagerly anticipating the week ahead. I arrive in Orlando at Saturday at 10:30AM and leave Thursday evening.

The more I read about the show, I see quite a few Lotusphere old-timers are not going. I will miss them, but I also look forward to meeting the new first time attendee's, and if they are speaking,especially watching their sessions.

Every year I vow to meet 15 new people. I always exceed that so this year I am shooting for 25. Will that be You?

It is also the first time in 6 years that I will not be working the showcase floor. In one sense I enjoyed being on the floor as it made it easier to see so many of you whom I have had the privilege on knowing over the last 23 + years. But I always missed sessions and speakers that I really wanted to see. It will be refreshing to have the entire week to go to sessions and explore the labs.

The future is ahead of us and in my 24 years experience with Lotus/IBM notes, from R1 forward, I think the best days are still ahead of us.

See you in Orlando (I hope)


  1. Would be great to meet you too. You're down to 24 :-)

  2. I would like to meet you as well. My twitter handle is lotushunter.

  3. Well, we've already met a number of times, but it's always ALSO good to reconnect with folks we've not seen in a while. SOooo.. for anyone who will be around on Saturday, please do make your way to the Grille/brewpub on the Disney Boardwalk from 3:30pm onward (or come earlier :) ...geeks will be gathering for a pint, some food, whatever ...mixed in with handshakes, hugs, laughs, greeting the new and greeting old friends. I'm one of the ones who'll not be attending the conference ...but I *will* be there for Friday and Saturday (leaving Sun morning)... And I know there are others who likewise are coming to Orlando solely for the PREconference socializing :)

  4. I will be with Joe at the Saturday festivities so please stop by