Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Want to get all the fields out of a layout region, all code and propeties included, the easy way?

I found this by accident. A few years back I started playing with DXl. I soon realized not every design element was supported. so I put it on the back burner. I soon had a project where I had to web enable an app that had tons of layout regions with many complex fields in them. I did one form the hard way, re-creating all the fields by hand and started to think that there must be a better way to do it.

So that night I am driving home from work and BANG it hit me. Layout regions are not supported in DXL. So the next Day I exported a form into DXL. I wrote a quick import agent to bring the form into a new db. I open the form in designer, and wouldn't you know the layout regions were gone and all the fields were on the form with all code and properties intact.

It was ugly, but formatting was much easier than creating the fields again.

So there it is. Using a features shortcomings to our advantage.

Here is a quick db with the code to import the form from dxl.

have fun



  1. John, this is great! It actually accomplishes what I had hoped Ben L. might create after reading this:

    Not my comments, particularly comment 3 where I talk about a "Layout Region Converter"


  2. John

    I get a 404 error when trying to download the dxlimport.nsf db.


  3. @Dan. All set. Somehow Dropbox say i deleted it Hmmmmm

  4. GReat work! very inspiring...

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