Thursday, March 12, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Been busy at the day job traveling to Calgary Alberta Canada last week.
Had some Notes 8.5 weirdness while I was up there and again today.

The client ui (Eclipse) Looked as though it was loading. I would even get new mail notifications and calendar alerts, but the client UI never came up. I would click on the new mail icon in the windows task bar and it would disappear. Only way to fix the problem was to completely remove and re-install 8.5. Now today's issue was caused by a plug-in not updating successfully I think. I need to watch it more to see if it is the case.

One thing I have been hearing consistently is that new developers do not know where to go to learn about Domino/Notes. Yes training would help them, but these days no one has budget for that. So over the next few posts I will be gathering all of the links, sources, references, ETC that would be helpful and present them here. If there is anything specific you would like to see please respond here and let me know.

The weekend is almost here!!!!!


  1. What we were you doing in my home town? Calgary! You probably picked the coldest week ever to come!

    As for resources, I find the and of course TLCC. Very good and not that expensive. The issue with learning Notes is that the product has grown so much over time that there are a ton of things you will miss out in books or any online materials. The best way to learn is to download samples and see how people have built them over time. Best lesson is to make sure the UI looks decent and stick to some kind of standards for creating apps - documentation for future developers is a given.

    Good luck!

  2. @Jose I was visiting a couple of clients the weather was not to bad. but I do come from New England here in the states :-). Thanks for the input