Thursday, September 3, 2009

Training training training

So with my current job I am not as hands on with development and administration as I would like to be. So I want to upgrade my Certifications to App dev and sys Admin for 8.5.

Who can recommend a great training center, location is not an issue (well OK in the us please). Looking for xpages, composite application and complete overview of sysadmin features in 8.5.
Thanks in advance


  1. has some great training courses for you to do on your own.
    Also if you can find a few people to do it with you, book a Lotus Certified Trainer.
    Or go to The View events or even Lotusphere.

  2. @ 1 I work for a BP so we get reimursed from IBM if we meet certain criteria. One of the is it needs to be classroom training. But thanks for the advice