Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Me, and Notes 8.5.1

Sorry no posts lately, been incredibly busy with work.

I have found time, however, to play with early versions of 8.5.1.
Yesterday I installed the gold release. Many people have gone over the cool features etc, so I will not repeat that here.

I will mention two things though.

Upgrading from 8.5.1 Code Drop 8 to gold took well over an hour, but was flawless.

I have been working with Lotus Notes since release 1. I have seen all the releases and all the proposed features that never made it.

The one thing I can say with the most confidence is that this release, especially with the designer in Eclipse, is the best release ever. I could go on about why, but other bloggers have stated so.

So to IBM Thanks for this release, keep up the good work

To my readers get to 8.5.1 as soon as you can. You will NOT regret it

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