Monday, February 22, 2010

Why I like the Lotus Software Certification Program or Change does happen

In my last post blogged about the certifications I recently attained. I was awaiting word on the Domino security Professional Certification.

Well the Lotus Education team reviewed my points and decided that have Lotus domino 8.5 Certification, with the Domino security test DOES meet the requirements for the Domino advanced Security Professional certification.

I have nothing but high praise for both William McCook and Sara Nicklin of The Professional Certification Program from IBM. They listened to my reasoning on this and were more than helpful.

So change does happen.


  1. I met Mr. Mccook under different circumstances at Lotusphere. I took LOT-980 and failed by one question. I hope this doesn't come off as sour grapes but I was really disappointed in the number of errors in the exam. Some of the questions barely passed for English.

    I raised these concerns with Mr. Mccook who said he'd look into it. To his surprise, I returned a couple hours later to see what he had found. He said he did do a quick scan and found a handful of errors but none that, in his opinion, would have materially changed the outcome of the exam. I asked him to dig further because I was confident if he looked closer, he would find more. He said he'd have to look at my specific exam and get back to me. I handed him my business card and have received no response in a month's time.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for anyone to rubber stamp my exam. A voucher to take it again would be nice, not because I am owed, but instead because I took the time to give the feedback in hopes that someone will take the time to proof read the exams more thoroughly and improve them. The quality should be so much better and I really don't want to take the next exam and run into the same issues.

    I wonder if you had encountered the same quality issues?

  2. Hi Keith Over the years I have seen some issues, mostly where there is more than one way to do something. I did have the hardest time with the LOT-980, but I do not recall any glaring issues.

    At one time you could submit yourself to help writing exams, not sure if you still can but you should check it out, and volunteer for the focus groups I do everytime I am at Lotusphere.

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