Thursday, August 4, 2011

Reply to all replies to me now???

Recently, I have noticed when I reply to all I now get a copy of the message. This never used to happen.

When did this change? Other colleagues of mine have the same behavior.

We are on Note 8.5.2 standard.

Anyone else seeing this???


  1. Since 8.5.2 (I think) if you appear in the addressee list as anything other than your full Notes name then you will be included on Reply All.

  2. is there a way around it?

    In our circumstance, it works fine with our own personal mail database. However, we have team accounts, & when replying from one of those databases, the team account is always included.

    I tried to add the team account to the "Internet mail address" in the location settings, but I didn't seem to be able to have more than one address (i.e. it's not a list field)