Friday, October 7, 2011

Native data on your mobile device?

How important is it to have your notes data on your phone/tablet? We all know about working offline with Notes databases but does having native data on your device vs. a web app really make a difference? There are some areas where it is hard to get a good signal, parts of New York City for example. All those big buildings are great at blocking access to cells. If you have a mobile strategy, and I know a lot of you do, would it be valuable to take data offline on your phone/tablet?

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  1. A good user experience always works with local data. If there is network the local data is updated back to the cloud instantly. Making a user experience subject to network availability and quality is [insert-unprintable-swear-here]. Unfortunately making a web app network neutral is *really* hard. Looking for good approaches there myself.
    With a mobile device you face the backpacker's dilemma: I'm going on a trip, what do I pack? If I pack too much I suffer (run out of storage), if I pack to little I need to go back (online) to fetch the missing.
    We should ask Don Norman how to solve this